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CLAP WHEN YOU LAND, “Can you be from a place you have never been? You can fi…

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CLAP WHEN YOU LAND, @acevedowrites

“Can you be from a place
you have never been?

You can find the island stamped all over me,
but what would the island find if I was there?

Can you claim a home that does not know you,
much less claim you as its own?”


When a New York to Dominican Republic flight crashes, two teen girls find their lives woven together by tragedy. Camino and her Tia live in the DR, with dreams of going to the US to study medicine at Columbia. Yahaira lives in New York with her Mami and is a former chess champ. When both girls lose their father, Yano, in the crash, they learn about each other and what it means to grieve, love, and find a home.

WOW. Is it too early to name this my favorite book of 2021?

I loved “With the Fire on High” and am almost certain I will also love “The Poet X”, and Acevedo’s brilliance and grasp of human emotion shines here. This is a stunning portrait of grief, loss, and how we pick up the pieces afterwards. When you love someone, how do you reconcile all the good they brought to your life with the pain they caused, especially when they’re not around anymore?

Stories about sisters automatically have my heart. I love how distinct Camino and Yahaira’s voices were, and the complexities of their feelings towards their father and each other. Some emotions feel beyond words, but Acevedo still manages to envelop the reader in them and make us feel like we are experiencing them ourselves. At the end of the day, no matter how much or little they knew about each other or their shard history, their bond was stronger than they realized.

If you’ve read this or other books like it, let me know! There was so much here, I feel like I could talk about it forever. Don’t even get me started on claiming a land that you don’t know would claim you back…