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Happy Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month! A quick look into a few of…

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✨Happy Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month!✨
A quick look into a few of my anticipated reads to celebrate API authors and characters.

I first learned May was in high school and I’ve loved it since. I have such fond memories of this month from high school through college, organizing events on campus and making space for my peers to feel welcome and loved. College was also where I realized how politicized my identity as an undocumented Asian woman is. I chose to minor in Asian American studies to understand our history in the US – our contributions, devastations, the ways all aspects of our identity work together to shape how we navigate this world, and resistance to White Supremacy and attempts to separate us from other BIPOC. I did it to honor the work of those who came before me, and how I can learn from them to advocate for the world they thought was possible.

Additionally, May 1st is also aka – a celebration of the working class, and the rights we’ve fought for and continue to fight for. Everyone deserves to be paid fairly for their labor, a proper work/life balance, and protections from exploitive employers and corrupt law enforcement. Fighting for justice for APIA folks also includes fighting for the working class. As Lilla Watson said, “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Solidarity forever. ✊🏼

Recent events, including but not limited to the rise in attacks against APIA folks, have put me in a slump. It’s hard to enjoy anything when you’re nursing broken heart after broken heart, including the things you know you love like reading. While reading won’t get us free, it does allow us joy and escape in a world that tells us we’re not worthy of it. 💓

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