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I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK, October 2020, Book 6 “What is the lasting damage whe…

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October 2020, Book 6

“What is the lasting damage when you believe the warm spot you were just sleeping in will be your grave?”

This book follows Michelle McNamara’s obsessive search for the Golden State Killer, a rapist and murderer who terrorized California for 10+ years while successfully eluding police until his eventual capture in 2018. A journalist and True Crime aficionado, she spent her free time for the better part of the last decade working with law enforcement, scouring the internet, and searching for any clues that would bring them one step closer to finding the man who wrecked and stole so many lives.

True Crime media lives in a very strange place as a form of entertainment – it’s a fine line between reporting and gawking at someone’s tragedy. McNamara’s writings show you a person who cares deeply about putting this monster behind bars and getting justice for the victims and survivors.

One of the most interesting parts of this is how you see DNA testing and technology advance over the years. The things you can do now to track down a killer with DNA are things that couldn’t be used at the time because they either weren’t quite ready or they just weren’t around. It’s wild that a killer that started his spree in the 70’s would be caught in 2018, and that’s thanks to these advances.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into GSK’s psyche, you won’t find that here. While building the killer’s profile is part of the process, the focus is on the search itself. The GSK was not found and apprehended until after McNamara’s 2016 death, so she was unable to complete this book. However, the epilogue is a perfect close – a letter from McNamara to the GSK, describing to him his final moments of freedom before his inevitable capture.

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