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LAKEWOOD, October 2020, Book Five “Our most precious resources in this countr…

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LAKEWOOD, @newwavehauntedhouse
October 2020, Book Five

“Our most precious resources in this country are patriots like you, those who are willing to give themselves to this great nation. Your contribution will help end suffering and unhappiness.”
“My parents said they were studying death.”

After Lena’s grandmother passes away and her family debt is revealed, she takes a job in Lakewood, MI that’s too good to be true – great pay, medical benefits, and a place to live. In exchange, she has to lie to her loved ones about the research being done in Lakewood. As she gets in deeper and learns the truth and consequences of the study, Lena learns the lengths she’ll go to take care of the ones she loves.

This book was bone chilling. Given the real life history of forced medical experimentation on Black people, everything felt particularly insidious. The effects of the experiments made me put the book down a few times – they were that disturbing. Giddings did such an incredible job – the story, the creepy atmosphere, the mysterious characters and their own purposes for being there. A final truth revealed to Lena at the end actually made me scream.

If you like horror with underlying social commentary that leaves you deeply unsettled, this is definitely for you!

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