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ONE DAY IN DECEMBER, Josie Silver December 2020 “I silently tell him that I’ll …

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December 2020

“I silently tell him that I’ll always carry him in my heart, and he silently tells me that in another place, another time, we’d have been pretty damn close to perfect.”


A longing glance at a snowy bus stop with a mystery man in 2008 convinces Laurie that her and this stranger are somehow meant to be. When they finally meet a year later, he is introduced as Jack, her best friend Sarah’s new boyfriend. We follow the trio over the next 10 years, a decade of love, friendship, heartbreak, and the journey to find, as they put it, their “100%”

I know the central connection here is Jack and Laurie, but the most significant relationship here is hands down Sarah and Laurie. They balanced each other out beautifully and it was clear they had a strong sisterhood that could survive anything. If there was a pair of soulmates in this book, it was them.

Silver has a real talent for writing heartbreak. The scenes with falling outs and goodbyes had me tearing up, they really packed a punch.

The relationship between Jack and Laurie, unfortunately, didn’t do it for me overall. It was instalove and even with the 10 year time span, I wasn’t convinced they had deeply loved each other since the first glance at the bus. The moments of desperate, longing inner monologue were all telling me they were in love, not showing me.

My ultimate gripe with this book was Jack. Laurie could be boring, but Jack was bland at best, terribly mean at worst, and the way he talked about women who weren’t Sarah or Laurie made me roll my eyes all the way back into my brain (and let’s not forget he would still make comparisons between the two of them in his mind WHILE he was dating Sarah!)

If there was a .gif to describe my feelings towards him, it would be Michael Bluth referring to George Michael’s girlfriend Ann with “really? Her?”

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  1. Oh wow, I hate when the guy is supposed to be a dream man but his only quality is undying devotion to the lead. And treating all other women like dirt at the same time? Yikes!

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