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READING TRACKING + BOOK JOURNAL Been thinking about how I want to track my read…

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Been thinking about how I want to track my reading habits and books for 2021 that both satisfied my need for organization, stats, and style, and this is the completely extra, totally unnecessary and uncompromisable system I came up with:

• Reading Journal 📓
I follow a lot of creative bookstagrammers with beautiful journal spreads and wanted to give it a try! Since this is my first attempt, I bought a pre-made journal from @aprilovescraft on Etsy that I use on the @goodnotesapp on my iPad. Would def recommend for fellow first timers!

• @booklyapp 📊
Bought the Pro version during their holiday discount. The app is super user friendly and helps me track my reading time, and I will be super helpful when breaking down my annual reads into categories. Basically anything that auto-creates graphs and spreadsheets and shit was made for me.

• My Personal Library 📚
My physical and e-book library is big, but overall TBR is bigger. I get really excited when I find a new book that I want to read immediately, which causes me to push aside books I have in favor of newer releases. I’m committing to curbing that habit and reading what I have first. This excel sheet I made helped me organize the books I already have so I can pluck from there when organizing my monthly reads.

• @goodreads 👩🏻‍💻
I primarily use this to keep house my overall TBR, whenever I see books I want to read eventually I add them here. In the event I actually get through all of my own books (lol never) I can just go back here and find new reads!

ps yes I am a Capricorn why do you ask 🤷🏻‍♀️