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RING SHOUT, October 2020, Book 7 “I remember the songs that come with all tho…

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RING SHOUT, @pdjeliclark
October 2020, Book 7

“I remember the songs that come with all those visions. Songs full of hurt. Songs of sadness and tears. Songs pulsing with pain. A righteous anger and cry for justice.
But not hate.
They ain’t the same thing.”

This novella is named after a religious ritual practiced by enslaved Africans in the West Indies and in the U.S. In the early 1920’s following the release of “Birth of a Nation,” Maryse, Sadie, and Chef fight Klu Kluxes, monsters fueled by the hate that Maryse and her team are trying to eradicate. To fight the Big Bad that’s coming and with the fate of her people in her hands, Maryse must make a difficult decision.

“Ring Shout” is without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2020 and maybe ever. Clark pulls you into this terrifying, yet familiar time in history and gives hatred a horrific physical form. He created a fast paced world with monsters, folklore, and heroes to root for, young and old. The destruction White supremacy and racism leaves in it’s path is explored, including how tempting complete power is at the cost of your own humanity. Clark does all of this in a masterful way, filling each page with purpose and leaving you wanting more.

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