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THE GOOD IMMIGRANT, “So my girlhood meant growing up twice. My first coming …

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THE GOOD IMMIGRANT, @nikeshshuklawriter @chimenesuleyman

“So my girlhood meant growing up twice. My first coming of age was learning the rules. The second was breaking them.”

Twenty six first and second generation immigrant writers craft this anthology, sharing their personal experiences and struggles trying to find their place in this country.

As an immigrant, there are so many moments in each story where I found myself laughing, nodding furiously, screaming, and sobbing. Moments that I had experienced, moments that broke my heart, moments that made me cringe. I started off tabbing lines that stuck with me, and eventually wound up tabbing whole chapters!

I could talk about these all day, but I want to highlight two stories in particular –

How Not to Be by Priya Minhas: As young Brown girls, we know both the woman that our parents want us to be and the woman they don’t want us to be. Navigating your identity as a Brown girl growing up in the U.S. is definitely tricky, especially if you’re like me and grew up in a predominantly White area being one of the few (if not the only) person of color in your friend group. Minha’s essay serves as a kind of ‘thank you’ to the women we were told not to become.

Skittles by @ffmirza: This one made me SOB. The generational differences in responses to trauma between Mirza and her brother and their parents (specifically as a Muslim family during the Trump administration) reminded me so much of conversations I’ve had with my own parents, me burning with rage ready to call others out on their bullshit, and them preferring to prove the racists wrong with dignity and kindness and not letting any one man change who you are.

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