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THE NIGHT SWIM, October 2020, Book 3 Famous true crime podcaster Rachel Krall…

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THE NIGHT SWIM, @megangoldinauthor
October 2020, Book 3

Famous true crime podcaster Rachel Krall travels to the small beach town of Neapolis, North Carolina to cover the trial of Scott Blair, the town’s golden boy accused of raping Kelly Moore, the granddaughter of the town’s former police chief. However, the long forgotten case of Neapolis teenager Jenny Still’s accidental drowning is mysteriously and relentlessly brought to Rachel’s attention, implying it was not as accidental as it seemed 25 years ago.

Book TW: Rape, victim blaming

Another book I couldn’t put down, no matter how uncomfortable it got. Goldin explores the post-attack violations of a sexual assault survivor as she weaves two stories together – the trauma of reliving the worst experience of their life in court and the character assassination of women who come forward. Through third party narration, Rachel’s podcast, and letters from Jenny’s sister, we get a look at how cruel society and the “justice” system can be towards survivors, especially when the defendant is a young White man with a promising future (it’s impossible to ignore the parallel between Scott Blair and Brock Turner.)

As difficult as it is to read at times, there’s no denying some of the courtroom scenes feel ripped straight from the headlines. Goldin manages to handle these sensitive subjects with the care and respect they should always warrant.

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